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Boston Gynecomastia Treatment

Published on March 2, 2010

The self esteem of men around adolescence is rather delicate. The over development of breast tissue in males around this time is incredibly common and can have a devastating effect on self esteem. Excess breast tissue in men is called

Restoring Self Esteem of Children with Prominent Ears Through Otoplasty

Published on February 21, 2010

Growing up, children have plenty to be self conscious about. Freckles, being taller than the other kids, having a “strange” name or ears that stick out are all things many kids are teased about. While someday they will understand that

Facial Implants – Creating a More Balanced You

Published on February 18, 2010

Do you feel that your face is lacking definition? Often times, when a person has a weak facial structure, their flat cheek bones and weak chin leave their face looking unbalanced. Cheek or chin augmentation may be used to improve

Mommy Makeover is a Combination of Many Procedures

Published on January 26, 2010

After birthing a child it may be difficult for a woman to maintain her pre-pregnancy shape. Even though proper diet and exercise may help, there are instances in which they alone can not help. In such cases, a “mommy makeover”