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Body Contouring Procedures Helping You Reach your Full Weight Loss Potential

Published on November 17, 2011

Losing a weight is quite an accomplishment for some. Losing a significant amount of weight is an even bigger accomplishment. Regardless whether you have lost the weight due to bariatric surgery or strict diet and hard work at the gym, significant weight loss is not only a commitment to putting your health first but also putting your best appearance forward.

Losing a great deal of weight can leave some unsightly reminders. Often when a person loses significant weight, the skin does not always respond well to the missing mass. The new smaller body frame still hangs with the loose skin of the larger body. Using Boston body sculpting procedures, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Bartlett is able to removing excess skin leaving the body better contoured to the new frame. There are many parts of the body that can benefit from body contouring procedures including the arms, lets, abdomen and neck.

If you would like to discuss Boston body contouring procedures as a final step in your weight loss journey, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation.