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BOTOX Injections Helping You Maintain a Youthful Appearance

Published on September 18, 2013

In the battle against signs of aging, BOTOX injections have become one of the most popular weapons in a plastic surgeons arsenal. Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Richard Bartlett uses BOTOX injections to treat a number of premature signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet. While BOTOX injections are not a permanent solution to bothersome signs of aging, regularly scheduled treatments can keep you looking years younger.

BOTOX works by temporarily blocking the chemical that causes the muscles to contract which in turn cause wrinkles. BOTOX is most commonly used to treat wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines between the eyes and the “crow’s feet” areas around the eyes. The selection of injection points is critical to the success of the procedure. Dr. Bartlett will determine the best injection points for each location to be treated. These points may not be located on the wrinkle itself, but at the area where the muscle contracts.

Contact our office for more information about how BOTOX can keep you looking young. In 20 minutes or less, BOTOX can have you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.