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Breast Deformity – Breast Enhancement – Boston

Published on March 27, 2015
Breast Deformity

Breast deformity affects women of all walks of life and can come in many shapes and forms. One of the most common types of deformity is breasts of different sizes. With deformed breasts, clothing can become a nuisance, and they can also undermine confidence. Many patients are embarrassed and struggle with swimming or other athletic activities. A breast augmentation procedure can correct deformities of shape and size.

Breast deformity can be congenital, caused by trauma, a result of conditions like Poland’s deformity or a result of breast cancer reconstruction. Breast defects can be categorized as hypoplastic, underdeveloped, and aplastic, or completely absent.

Asymmetrical breasts can be treated with implants, reduction of the larger breast or a combination of these techniques. Consulting with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Bartlett will help you determine which options are right for you.

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