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Congenital Nevi – Skin Treatment for Moles – Boston

Published on July 2, 2015
Congenital Nevi

Congenital nevi, also known as moles, are skin blemishes that are present from birth in one percent of infants worldwide. Many times, these blemishes occur on the head and neck. The size of the nevus ranges from small, less than two centimeters, to large, sometimes covering the entire face. Aside from the problems this can cause for one’s appearance, a doctor may recommend removal of the blemish because it poses an added risk to develop into a form of skin cancer.

When congenital nevi appear on the face, there is a particular concern for making sure the results look natural after blemish removal. In cases where the mole is in a prominent area, certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Bartlett is the ideal choice. Treatment for the mole may involve skin grafting and skin expansion for surgery. Great care is taken to minimize scarring for an outcome that is satisfactory for the patient.

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