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Facial Implants – Creating a More Balanced You

Published on February 18, 2010

Do you feel that your face is lacking definition? Often times, when a person has a weak facial structure, their flat cheek bones and weak chin leave their face looking unbalanced. Cheek or chin augmentation may be used to improve ones appearance by adding volume to the parts of the face lacking definition. Cosmetic procedures such as facial implants can improve the balance and proportion of a persons face and even reduce the appearance of a large nose.

Cheek and chin implants are usually inserted through incisions made in the mouth to avoid any outward scaring. If additional procedures are being performed such as a face lift, the implants may be inserted through the external incisions. During your consultation with Dr. Bartlet, he will discuss what your goals are and help you decide what procedures will produce the best results.

Extensive experience in facial aesthetics and complex facial reconstruction allows Richard A. Bartlett, M.D. to understand facial proportion and the benefits of discreet augmentation with implants.

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