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Laser Hair Reduction and the Hair-Growth Cycle

Published on July 2, 2018

A lot of women know the struggle of getting their bodies waxed, shaved, or threaded. In addition to the time and effort spent on such hair removal techniques, no matter which hair removal method is used, you may find yourself back in the same position a few weeks later trying to get rid of all that extra hair again.

The constant effort required to keep the body free from hair has lead to thousands of people opting for laser hair reduction treatments. They are effective in removing hair from different areas of the body with excellent precision.

How Is Laser Hair Reduction Done?

Before the treatment begins, the doctor will trim down the body hair in the area to be treated. The laser is adjusted according to a few factors which include the texture of your hair, skin color, and the area being treated. Taking these factors into account can help provide the best results possible.

Once the hair is trimmed down, the doctor will cover the skin in a special gel that will help the laser penetrate the surface of the skin. The laser is delivered in pulses that rapidly impact the skin.It can even be used to target large patches for more efficiency. You may feel a tingling sensation during the treatment, but it will subside soon after it’s over.

Preparing for the Treatment

Prior to getting a laser hair reduction, you will be required to prepare your skin for the process. Your cosmetician is likely to prescribe some numbing agents that are to be used as and when prescribed. Once you have scheduled an appointment for a laser hair reduction, you will be required to refrain from shaving, waxing, or threading the area for two to three weeks.

Make sure to disclose your medical history with your cosmetician before the procedure to eliminate any possible risks during the hair removal process.

The Hair Growth Cycle

There are three stages of hair growth. They are anagen, catagen, and telogen. During the anagen phase, the hair is in the initial stage of growth. A tiny length of hair is visible just slightly above the surface of the skin. The hair is attached to the papilla or the knob like structure that nourishes the hair follicles. The anagen phase is the ideal time to get a laser hair reduction since the papilla is targeted, preventing any further hair growth. The catagen phase marks the end of hair growth. A couple of weeks after the catagen phase has set in, the hair is shed and new hair grows in its place.

Getting laser treatments during the catagen phase is not a good idea since the hair is already being shed. The telogen phase makes the end of the hair growth process. The hair will detach from the papilla and the laser hair reduction treatment will have no effect.

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With laser hair reduction, you can finally say goodbye to those old hair removal methods and hello to smooth and hairless skin without any effort. To learn more about the treatment, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Bartlett today.