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The Techniques Involved In Male Breast Reduction

Published on August 1, 2018

According to a study in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, at least 30% of all men will grow a set of “man boobs” at some point in their lives. This is a condition known as gynecomastia and in most cases, cannot be solved through an exercise or diet alone. A male breast reduction is an effective treatment for enlarged male breasts.

For most men, the appearance of male breasts is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle that can consist of not getting enough physical activity in and having poor eating habits. For other men, the issue runs deeper with genetics and certain medications being the culprits so that no matter how much they exercise, they can never get rid of them.

Why Some Men Want a Breast Reduction

Men with gynecomastia often feel insecure and want to keep their bodies hidden. They may avoid taking part in activities like swimming or going to the beach because they lack the self-confidence to get out there shirtless.

A male breast reduction would give them confidence with the results being long-lasting or in some cases permanent. The procedure provides immediate results and the final outcome will be apparent once the patient has fully healed. Men undergoing the procedure can expect a well-contoured, masculine chest.

The Different Options Available for Gynecomastia


Advances in liposuction techniques have resulted in less invasive techniques being developed for faster recovery and excellent results. Choosing the right surgeon to perform the procedure is important because surgeons all have varying levels of skill in regards to liposuction. Doing your research before the surgery can help ensure that you experience the best results possible.

The male breast reduction procedure is performed with anesthesia and involves making strategically placed incisions on each side of the chest. The surgeon then removes excess fat and tissue while sculpting the remaining skin to create a chest that looks natural for your body type.

The recovery isn’t very difficult on patients with many men returning to work or school within several days of the surgery. Your doctor will be able to paint an accurate recovery chart for you as everyone heals at a different pace.

Tissue Excision

More severe cases of gynecomastia will require surgical tissue excision. Patients whose skin appears stretched or saggy will usually undergo tissue excision. Tissue excisions let a surgeon remove more tissue and skin that cannot be removed using liposuction. The size and location of the incisions work on a case by case basis so it is impossible to predict individual cases.

Male breast reduction with tissue excision is performed while the patient is under general or local anesthesia. Recovery is similar to liposuction with the only differences being a little bit of swelling and soreness. On average, patients return to their work a week after their surgery and are gradually permitted to exercise over a course of a few weeks.

If you are a man who is very conscious about how your chest looks and you find that exercise and eating healthy isn’t working out for you, then male breast reduction is the way to go. It can help give you a more defined chest that can help improve your overall look and boost your confidence.

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