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The Tummy Tuck: Better Abs and a Slimmer Figure

Published on February 3, 2017

If you have too much flab or skin in your abdomen that remain resilient to diet and exercise, you should consider undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. Also known as an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is designed to give the abdomen a more trim appearance by removing the excess layers of skin and fat. Tummy tucks will also tighten the muscles in your abdominal wall.

Are you an Ideal Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Women who have had multiple pregnancies will find this procedure useful for removing the excess abdominal skin and tightening the muscles in the region. A tummy tuck is also an ideal option for men and women who have lost a lot of weight and have excess loose skin or fat deposits around their belly.


If you are planning on having children in the future or you are already pregnant, then you are better off getting a tummy tuck after you have had children. A tummy tuck entails tightening the vertical muscles in your abdomen. Future pregnancies can end up separating these muscles, causing the need to undergo the procedure again.

Bear in mind that a tummy tuck is not an alternative to a weight loss regimen. You should consider it only if exercise and dieting has not given you the results you expect. While post-surgical marks occur in most plastic surgery procedures, including this one, your surgeon will limit their visibility with expertly placed incisions.

Preparing for the Procedure

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss the options available to you. They include:

Complete Abdominoplasty – This involves cutting your abdomen from one hipbone to the other and contouring the muscle, tissue, and skin. The surgeon will also move your belly button and place drainage tubes that need to remain under the skin for a few days.

Partial Abdominoplasty – This is mostly done on people who have fat deposits below their navel. The belly button does not have to be moved and the procedure takes an hour or two.

You will need to quit smoking for at least four weeks before and after the procedure, as it can cause complications and slow down the healing process. Do not try drastic diets before the surgery. Make sure you eat a well balanced meal. Tell your surgeon about the medications you take, including herbal medicines, prescription drugs, and other supplements.

Are there Any Risks to the Procedure?

You’ll have swelling at the operated site for a few days after the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe pain killers to help you with the discomfort. You might also experience bruising, numbness, and tiredness for a few days. You should make sure your surgeon is board-certified to ensure the best results.

A tummy tuck can leave post-surgical marks, but they will begin to fade with time. Your surgeon will talk to you about the extent of the marks and also prescribe ointments and creams that you can use to help deal with them.

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If you’re having a hard time eliminating excess skin tissue and fat tissue from your abdominal region, then a tummy tuck is the perfect procedure for you. Contact us to speak with Dr. Richard A. Bartlett about the benefits of the procedure and the results you can expect. With his experience, you can obtain the body of your dreams.