Skin Rejuvenation with Chemical Peels at the Boston-based Office of Dr. Bartlett

Sooner or later, everyone begins to develop problems with their skin, everything from spots on our hands and face to fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, nose, and mouth. While a good skin care regimen and daily use of sunscreen can minimize lines, spots, and wrinkles, these measures are not always enough.

Under the supervision of Richard A. Bartlett, M.D., the use of a medical-grade chemical peel can help eradicate the signs of acne, irregular pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines by “peeling away” the top layers of the epidermis. One of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments offered by Dr. Bartlett’s Boston, Massachusetts-based medical practice, chemical peels can dramatically improve the look and texture of your skin. Dr. Bartlett can advise on the many chemical peels that are available, and which would be best for you.