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New England Abdominoplasty – Boston Tummy Tuck

Published on April 13, 2010

Excess skin and fat can remain around the abdomen after pregnancy or after severe weight loss. This excess skin and fat not only effects women but men as well. Recognized for his skill in restoring youth and abilities to sculpt the perfect body, Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bartlett has performed abdominoplasty or tummy tucks on a many New England plastic surgery patients.

The most common reasons people seek abdominoplasty is to repair loose skin and wrinkling (especially around the belly button) and  the separation of abdominal muscles that has caused the stomach to protrude over the pant line. The severity of each problem varies from patient to patient and as with any cosmetic surgery procedure Dr. Bartlett performs, an individualized treatment will be developed to produce optimal results. During your tummy tuck consultation with Boston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bartlett your individual needs will be discussed as well as the treatment options. Some patients are candidates for smaller “mini” abdominoplasty procedures or “modified” intermediate procedures.

New England plastic surgery patients interested in abdominoplasty can be assured that Dr. Bartlett will work with them to create the best surgery plan to meet their cosmetic surgery goals. For some, this may mean more body contouring than a tummy tuck alone. Cosmetic procedures such as arm lift, thigh lift and breast lift are all procedures that may compliment abdominoplasty.

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