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Correction of Congenital Breast Deformities by Boston Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Bartlett

Known for his artistry within the Boston medical community as a reconstructive surgeon, Richard A. Bartlett, M.D. is experienced in the correction of congenital breast deformities. Dr. Bartlett has seen many patients whose self esteem has been affected negatively by breast deformities, including severe underdevelopment of a breast or complete lack of a breast. These patients often stop engaging in activities such as swimming or athletic competition. Buying clothing becomes difficult and social occasions become increasingly awkward.

Other breast deformities that can cause embarrassment and inhibit an active lifestyle include severely misshapen breasts, a deformed chest wall (crooked ribs), or severe asymmetry (different size breasts). Problems such as these can cause otherwise healthy women to become at best self conscious and at worst withdrawn. Dr. Bartlett has extensive experience in treating such deformities and has seen how carefully performed reconstructive surgery can restore confidence.

A requirement for reconstructive breast surgery is the completion of development during adolescence. This occurs at different ages depending on the individual. Dr. Bartlett will take a careful history and perform an exam to make this determination and will also assess the emotional maturity of each patient. There is not one type of reconstructive surgery that fixes all problems and each individual may be offered several options for treatment, including breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction, mastopexy (breast lift), and nipple size adjustment. Dr. Bartlett will help you to decide which option or options are best for you during your reconstructive surgery consultation at his Boston area practice.

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