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Skin Cancer Excision and Reconstructive Surgery by Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bartlett

Every year millions of patients are diagnosed with skin cancers. If caught early, cures are common. The most important actions that you can take to protect against and monitor for skin cancer are conscientious use of sun block and careful monitoring of your skin by yourself and your primary care physician. Any change in the color or shape of a mole, or a mole which grows or bleeds should be seen immediately by your primary care doctor or a dermatologist.

Boston-based plastic surgeon Richard A. Bartlett, M.D. treats many New England skin cancer patients each year and is dedicated to effective treatment with the best results possible. He will work closely with your doctor to develop the best treatment plan. Dr. Bartlett is aware of the anxiety that a diagnosis of skin cancer provokes. If you are suffering from skin cancer he will make every effort to see you promptly and perform treatment in a timely manner.