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Liposuction Performed by Boston Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Bartlett

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Doctor Bartlett - Liposuction

Many patients seek liposuction in Boston as a method of fat reduction. Liposuction is one the most popular plastic surgery procedures because it is highly effective in removing unwanted fatty deposits and recovery is rapid.

Remember that it is not a weight loss strategy, and patients who are significantly overweight are not candidates for the procedure.

Liposuction surgery must be performed with care to assure the best result and minimize problems. Richard A. Bartlett, M.D., is known for his meticulous and careful approach when using liposuction to treat problem areas where fatty deposits often occur.

During your liposuction consultation at his Boston-based practice, he will identify areas for treatment. As with every cosmetic surgery, Dr. Bartlett applies his usual perfectionism and aesthetic eye when performing liposuction to sculpt fatty tissue and create a smooth, pleasing contour.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is an excellent option for patients who have excess stubborn fat in areas like the arms, back, chin, abdomen, neck, thighs, knees, buttocks, and hips. It is also helpful in addressing gynecomastia, or oversized male breasts.

Ideal candidates for this form of targeted fat removal include non-smokers and patients who are in overall good physical and mental health. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight.

The best candidates have realistic expectations for the procedure, which can be developed through discussing expectations with Dr. Bartlett and looking over our liposuction before and after photos.

What Will Happen During Your Consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Bartlett, he will listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals. He will examine the areas you are concerned about and look over your medical records, including all medications and supplements. He will present a treatment plan based on your goals.

Dr. Bartlett will discuss the treatment plan in detail. You will learn about the preparation and the procedure itself. He will also discuss the recovery process and give an estimate of the treatment cost.

You can ask questions anytime and the doctor will address them appropriately. Once your concerns are resolved and you have made a decision to go ahead with the liposuction procedure, Dr. Bartlett will discuss the schedule of your procedure.

Liposuction – What to Expect

  • About the Surgery – Liposuction can address fat pads on the hips, thighs, abdomens, arms, neck and other areas of the body.
  • Surgical Setting – The procedure can be performed at Dr. Bartlett’s cosmetic surgery center or at a Boston area hospital.
  • Anesthesia – Local, intravenous sedation or general anesthetic may be used depending on your preference.
  • Treatment Process – A cannula (a thin tube) is inserted into the targeted region and then medical suction is used to remove the excess stubborn fatty tissue.
  • Duration – The liposuction procedure could last for several hours. The exact duration will depend on the amount of excess fat extracted from the body, along with the size, location, and number of treatment areas.

The Recovery Process

Dr. Bartlett will release the patient once their condition has stabilized after the liposuction procedure. The vast majority of patients can go home on the same day of the procedure. The patient will experience temporary bruising and swelling, which will fade in time.

During liposuction healing, it is vital that you follow the care directions of Dr. Bartlett. This ensures a short and comfortable healing process with minimal risk of complications. It also leads to preserving the quality of one’s results.

Patients are required to wear a compression garment for up to 3 weeks after the date of the lipo procedure. This helps the skin better fit the new underlying contours of the area and controls post-surgical swelling. Bruising is present for several weeks but can be addressed with the help of ice packs used as directed.

Most patients need no more than a week off from work. With small liposuction procedures, less time is required for recovery. Avoiding strenuous activities is recommended.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to assess the recovery of the patient and the results achieved. This will also allow Dr. Bartlett to ensure that there are no complications being experienced.

The best things I would say are the results. I am very very happy with the results. There are no scars/marks of any kind and very precise results. Dr. Richard is an excellent surgeon and the surgery results are better than I expected. There are no scars/marks of any kind. Dr.Richard and his staff are very friendly. He is very direct in terms of expectation from the surgery.*

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How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, meaning its cost is not covered by health insurance. The price of lipo is determined using factors like the amount of excess fat removed, the size and number of areas treated, and the time required to perform the procedure.

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Acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard A. Bartlett regularly performs liposuction for Boston patients. To find out more about what this fat-reduction treatment can do for you, contact our office and set up your consultation.