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Facelifts Performed by Boston Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Bartlett

Of all facial rejuvenation treatments designed to address the more noticeable signs of aging, facelift surgery provides the most remarkable results. Richard A. Bartlett, M.D. utilizes sophisticated techniques to perform the facelift in Boston.

This revitalizing facial procedure helps men and women achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance by lifting sagging skin, smoothing deep lines and wrinkles, and improving facial contours.

The Facelift Consultation

If you are considering a facelift in Boston, the first step is a confidential consultation with Dr. Bartlett. At this time, he will perform a medical evaluation and listen carefully to understand your goals. He also will answer questions about the benefits and risks of facelift surgery, describe the treatment process, and may discuss alternative treatment options.

Dr. Bartlett will create and personalize your surgical plan, whether it is solely a facelift procedure or a combination with other facial procedures. In certain cases, Dr. Bartlett may recommend eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, or other facial plastic surgery procedures to complement the facelift procedure. This can create more comprehensive anti-aging results and can lead to optimal facial enhancement.

Dr. Bartlett will give you instructions to prepare for your facelift procedure. He will customize your pre-op and post-op instructions based on your medical evaluation. You will likely be asked to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after the surgery and to help out during initial recovery. You may also be asked to stop or change your current medications as part of the preparation. This is because certain medications may result in increased bleeding and must be avoided.

Ideal Candidates

There is no “correct” age to get a facelift procedure. Typically, patients get these procedures in their 40s or 50s, but many patients in their 60s or 70s often come in for facelifts as well. Younger patients often prefer minimally invasive or non-invasive non-surgical solutions like our injectables and rejuvenating skin treatments. A facelift is recommended for patients who are looking for longer-lasting anti-aging results.

The best candidates for a rhytidectomy have wrinkles and sagging skin in the mid and lower face as a result of the aging process. Good candidates are able to quit smoking for two weeks leading up to the surgery and can continue to avoid it for the entirety of the recovery process. This is because smoking negatively affects skin health and can result in a number of post-surgical complications, including a prolonged healing process. Ideal candidates are willing to commit to the full recovery process for safe and optimal results.

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Facelift Surgery – What to Expect

  • About the Surgery – A facelift works by lifting and redraping the skin, tightening underlying facial tissues, and eliminating small pockets of fat near the chin and neck. The result is the elimination of wrinkles and a more revitalized, attractive look.
  • Anesthesia – Local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia may be used and is determined by you and Dr. Bartlett.
  • Surgery Length – 2 to 4 hours. The exact duration of the surgery will depend on the treatment plan, techniques used, and if there are other procedures performed during the surgery.
  • Surgical Setting – Facelifts are performed in an office and hospital setting in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. Smaller facelifts can be performed on younger patients on an outpatient basis. Older patients and patients undergoing more extensive procedures may spend a night in the hospital.


Everyone that’s ever known me has called me Mrs. Just So. In other words, I am very particular and also a perfectionist in all areas. I couldn’t have picked a better plastic surgeon. My husband and I met Dr. Bartlett and didn’t even feel that we had to get a second opinion. No one can even tell that I had this done. People will say, “Oh, I love your haircut, you look so good,” and then other people I tell will say, “Oh my god, I want his number.” They say they’ve never seen anyone look so natural. Dr. Bartlett is a perfectionist and very tedious and is an artist. He listens and cares and even called me over the weekend to see how I was doing. His entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well. I would recommend Dr. Bartlett to anyone!

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Facelift Surgery Recovery

Dr. Bartlett will wait for the patient’s condition to stabilize before sending them home. He will go over the details of the recovery process, providing instructions and prescription medications to allow the patient to have a safe and smooth recovery.

Swelling and bruising can last for 1 to 2 weeks and can be addressed with the help of cold compresses. Pain medication is prescribed and is typically used for 2 or 3 days after surgery. Numbness and firmness may persist for months but do not affect appearance.

Sutures (stitches) are removed at 1 and 2 weeks during a follow-up appointment. Light exercise is permitted at 2 weeks, and vigorous exercise can be resumed 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Most patients look well after 2 weeks, but the final result from facelift surgery is evaluated 6 months later. It is important for the patient to maintain proper skin care in order to ensure that the facelift results will last as long as possible.

One of Boston’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Bartlett is known for producing dramatic, yet natural-looking results with customized facelift procedures.

Beautiful Girl - Facelift

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Price can play a major role in determining whether or not a facelift is the right rejuvenation option. Facelift cost is dependent on factors such as the time it takes to perform the surgery, the type of anesthesia used, and the techniques utilized.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding a facelift in Boston with Dr. Richard A. Bartlett. He can let you know if surgery is the best option for you and can provide you with outstanding results from your facelift.

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