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Facelift – Recovering from Surgery – Brookline

Published on September 12, 2014


New studies have shown that the results of facelift procedures leave patients still looking younger as far as five years after their procedure. A big part of optimizing the results of a facelift is to be prepared and educated about your recovery period.

After your procedure, bandages may be wrapped around your face to reduce swelling and bruising. A tube may also be inserted to drain blood or fluid that collects around the incision site. You may be prescribed medication to apply topically or take orally in order to prevent infection. There will specific instructions given to you, but you should also be ready to ask questions like these:

-How and when are my stitches or dressings removed?

-When will I able to resume daily activities like exercise?

-What are my limitations for movement?

-When should I follow up?

After you have learned the answers to these questions, an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Richard Bartlett will help you achieve the best results for your facelift.

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