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BOTOX – Injection Process Steps – Brookline

Published on December 5, 2014

BOTOXThere are many thousands of people who are bothered by the signs of aging. BOTOX is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and an ideal solution to signs of aging like wrinkle lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. BOTOX is quick and convenient.

With the experience and expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Richard Bartlett, BOTOX can be tailored to eliminate aging lines for months at a time. The treatment begins with a through assessment of your face and a consultation where you discuss your beauty goals. On the day of your injection, the surgeon will mark and carefully inject the agent using a tiny-gauged syringe. The injection process only takes a few minutes, and any resulting discomfort can be treated with ice. Over the next few months, the injected muscles are prevented from making the repetitive movements that create lines and wrinkles.

If you would like to know more about how BOTOX eliminates signs of aging, please contact Dr. Bartlett at our office in Brookline