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Preserving Your Cultural Features While Improving Your Nose

Published on March 15, 2019

A misshapen nose can throw-off the aesthetics of your entire face. While a rhinoplasty or nose job is helpful in changing the shape of your nose, the traditional rhinoplasty is not the correct treatment for everyone.

Traditionally, rhinoplasty surgeries were performed by doctors of Caucasian descent on patients of Caucasian descent. This meant that the surgical techniques were fine-tuned to suit Caucasian faces.

Unfortunately, the anatomy of a Caucasian face is not similar to those of other ethnicities and using surgical techniques meant for Caucasian faces will result in people of other ethnic origins losing out on their special facial features.

You can, however, preserve the physical traits that are unique to your ethnicity by choosing the new surgical technique of ethnic rhinoplasty. This plastic surgery procedure is designed to improve the contours of your nose while retaining the features that make you, you.

Highlight Your Ethnicity Through A Specialized Nose Surgery

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a nose surgery designed specifically for African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian patients. This surgical technique focuses on using tailored practices to provide the patient with the results they desire, while helping them maintain the physical nasal characteristics that are uniquely African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Asian.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

• You get the nose shape you desire without diminishing your unique ethnic appearance.
• Your nasal conditions and problems are treated, allowing you to breathe with ease.
• Your treatment is customized to suit your facial structure and your needs.
• Your face looks more natural and put-together.

Types Of Ethnic Nose Surgeries

African-American Rhinoplasty

In an African rhinoplasty, the doctor works towards reducing the size of extremely large nostrils/bridge, refining the shape of the nasal bridge, strengthening the nasal tip and making a more pronounced nasal bridge.

Asian Rhinoplasty

In the Asian rhinoplasty, the doctor will help elevate the nasal bridge, while making it stronger. He will also enlarge the nostrils and improve the shape, structure and positioning of the nasal tip.

Hispanic/Latino Rhinoplasty

In the Hispanic rhinoplasty, the doctor will use additional tissue graft from another area of the patient’s body to help strengthen the bridge. He will also change the shape and size of the nasal bridge to reduce the bulbous appearance of the nose.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

In the Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, the doctor will reduce the size of the nasal hump and define the nasal tip. He will also reshape the nose to look slender and attractive.

Preparing For An Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Any person of non-Caucasian descent, who is in good physical health and who wishes to change the shape of his/her nose is eligible for ethnic rhinoplasty. Ideally, the ethnic nose job is a great solution to both congenital defects and injury-related nasal problems.

Recovering After The Surgery

The ethnic rhinoplasty is a long procedure and your doctor will advise you on the surgical technique he will use and the results you can expect post-surgery. Immediately after, you may feel minor pain, swelling and discomfort. But these should go away within a few weeks.

During recovery, be sure to keep your head elevated at all times. Don’t blow your nose too hard at the risk of opening the sutures. Keep icing the surgical site to reduce swelling and keep yourself hydrated.

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